Recap of November Event: Marketing and Sales for Bookstores and School Libraries

For our November event, we listened to a great panel discussion about independent bookstores, schools, and libraries, and the ways in which they work together to deliver great books to new readers.

Presenters included Gary Mazzone, Outreach & Sales Director at Magers & Quinn Booksellers (; Carrie Zelin Johnson, M.Ed., Director of Early Education at Ways to Grow (; Ashley Leary, Academic Coordinator and Master Teacher at Partnership Academy (; and Belle Nelson, Media Director at Thomas Jefferson High School ( The panelists discussed what they look for in quality submissions from publishers, what marketing tactics they find effective from publishers, and the ways in which they use books with readers.

Thanks to panelists and attendees for a great event! An audio recording of this event is available to members under Member Resources.

Recap of September Kick-off Event

To kick off our 2013–2014 season on September 18, we had an informative presentation followed by a Q&A discussion on the topic of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

Presenters included Stacie Marshall, Director of Client Services at The Foundation, and Keith Gilbert, Adobe Certified Instructor, design and publishing educator, speaker, writer, and consultant. Key conversations included features and benefits of the different licensing models, the extinction of the Creative Suite, and Setting up Creative Cloud for the first time. Thank you to all who attended.

Recap of MBPR September Event

To kick off our 2012–2013 season on September 26, we had an informative panel discussion on timely topics: library marketing and new trends in sales, and publisher-library collaboration. Panelists included Kit Hadley, Director of the Saint Paul Public Library; Tom Mercer, Marketing Manager for the 3M Cloud Library; and Terri Souter, VP and Director of Marketing for Lerner Publishing.

Key conversations included new digital platforms, collection development of eBooks, how the role of the librarian is changing in terms of publisher partnerships, and digital education.

Recap of MBPR March Event

We had a lively, well-attended panel discussion on March 14 featuring Julie Arthur of Adventure Publications, Steve Horwitz of Abraham Associates, Jay D. Peterson of Magers & Quinn Booksellers, and Hans Weyandt of Micawber’s Books.

We had great questions coming from attendees, and it was a perfect opportunity for publishing colleagues to get together and discuss the changing retail climate—with special focus on the relationship between publishers, sales reps, bookstore buyers, and readers and how to capitalize on best practices.