MBPR Member Resources

We are pleased to offer recordings of luncheon and webinar presentations to current members of MBPR.

With the rollout of our new website in August 2020, the procedure for accessing the recordings has changed.

To access the recordings, please click “New User Registration” below and create an individual account. When we have verified that your company or organization is a member of the MBPR, you will receive an email confirming that you now have access to the recordings. Thank you. (Note: You may need to check your spam filter for the confirmation email and you may be prompted to reset your password.)

Creators hold the copyright to and are owners of the presentations below: all rights are reserved. Please contact the creator for permission to share or reproduce all or part of any presentation.

Please note: This form is solely for MBPR members to create a login for accessing recordings and related website functions.

Once you have submitted the form, the site administrator will need to manually approve your account. Watch your email for confirmation.

If your company or organization is not currently a member of the MBPR, please see our Membership page for information on becoming a member. If you’re not sure if your company is a member, please check the Member Directory.